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Drone Delivery Platform

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πŸ’° $10K+ revenue in August 2021
πŸ’Έ $30B+ market by 2030
πŸ›Έ 3,000+ licensed drone pilots
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Software is compatible with DJI drones, owned by over 90% of drone pilots
βš™οΈ Patent-pending hardware optimizes existing drones for delivery
🀝 Secured multiple strategic partnerships with key industry players
βœ… Have performed several successful deliveries to test & validate our platform
πŸš€ A member of the FAA BEYOND program to expand & test drone operations in the US

Our Team

The idea occurred to me when I was out flying my drone one day. I looked down at the video feed to see a restaurant on one side of my screen and a neighborhood on the other side. I thought to myself, "What if I could pick up something from the restaurant, drop it off in that neighborhood, then fly home and swap out the battery?"

Zing is revolutionizing the future of last-mile delivery.

The Drone Delivery Market is about to Skyrocket πŸš€

The drone delivery market is small now due to regulations. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has developed a clear pathway for drone delivery to get off the ground. This is going to cause the market to skyrocket. We intend to leverage our first-mover advantage to take a significant percentage of this market by 2030.

Phase One - Waterway Deliveries (VLOS)

Phase Two - Suburban Deliveries (VLOS)

Phase Three - Autonomous Deliveries (BVLOS)

We've Been Busy... πŸ”₯

Our delivery demonstrations give us an opportunity to introduce drone delivery to the communities that would be directly impacted by this emerging technology.

June 2019 - Tampa Bay, FLπŸ“

The Zing team completed the first drone delivery demonstration over an "air bridge". These "air bridges" are aerial paths over waterways that connect two points. What would've taken a delivery driver 30 minutes, took our delivery pilot just 5 minutes.

May 2020 - Miami, FL πŸ“

We completed the first drone delivery to the top of a 700-foot skyscraper in the United States called the Miami Paramount Worldcenter.

We performed a "mic drop" delivery to the top of the Miami Paramount Worldcenter to kick off the CoMotion Miami event. We partnered with CoMotion to do another similar drone delivery demonstration in November of 2021.

March 2021 - New Orleans, LA πŸ“

Zing completed the first drone delivery across the Mississippi River in New Orleans. We partnered with MarketScale to create a full-length documentary about the event. 

August 2021 - Detriot, MI πŸ“ 

We completed multiple golf course deliveries for the Detroit Aerotropolis project in partnership with AirspaceLink and DroneDek. 

November 2021 - Los Angeles, CA πŸ“

We completed deliveries at the CoMotion LA conference, making a "mic drop" delivery to their CEO and delivering lunch to event attendees.

We've been getting some attention. πŸ“Έ

Letter from the Founder

Dear Valued Investor,

Thank you for taking the time to look into our company. The idea began when I was out flying my drone one day. I looked down at the FPV video feed to see a Taco Bell on one side of my screen and a neighborhood on the other side. That's when the thought occurred to me. What if I could pick up something from the Taco Bell, drop it off in that neighborhood, then fly home and swap out the battery? I immediately started working on the platform that would enable pilots around the globe to do just that. Since then, we've gained the interest of over 10,000 drone pilots around the United States and sold our drone delivery platform to customers around the globe. The company would be nothing without the talented individuals on our team who have turned this idea into a reality. There is a massive opportunity in front of us with drone delivery. As an investor, you'll be joining the team that will make widespread drone delivery a reality.

Ian Annase
Founder & CEO