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Invest in Verve

Minority-owned micro-mobility company


✅ Already operating a small fleet out of New Jersey
💥 40+ rides in 5 days after launch
🤝 Signed international contract w/ Live Nation Urban; preparing for our festival launch
💰 NBA player Rasheed Wallace is our largest investor
💪🏾 Hiring previously incarcerated employees & committed to uplifting inner-city communities
🌱 We democratize access to safe, affordable, convenient, green transportation
📈 Global micro-mobility market valued at $40B+ in 2020; projected to reach $195B+ by 2030
🛴 Planning to launch the last mile delivery service

Our Team

The tech mobility industry is an infancy stages which allows you to tap into so many possibilities (fashion, music, entertainment). We care because we want to offer a tantalizing solution to address the first-mile/last-mile problem. For commuters to get to and from work past the last mile public transportation won't take them.

We're poised to become the micro-mobility solution in NJ, Philly & beyond. 🛴

Verve Scooters came to fruition because we saw a need for an effective, eco-friendly, affordable way of transportation for our community. 

In 2020, with the safety risks of coronavirus rapidly impacting every community, we doubled down on our efforts to gather the community and cultivate more job opportunities for the previously incarcerated and inner-city youth. 

We are one of few Black-owned scooter companies in the United States and presently, the only Black-owned scooter company targeting inner cities to create pathways of success for people outside of suburban areas.

Recording artist Tierra Whack on a Verve scooter at Made in American in 2019. Full video of her Verve-studded performance here.

Why we founded Verve...

We have always been interested in ways to help support the families in our community. We see the need to put the strength and confidence back into inner-city families. It was a no-brainer for us to partner with somebody (Tykeem Williams (Tak)) who has so much experience in the music industry and also has aligned aspirations for our community. They only show the negativity in hip-hop, but they don’t show how this is a huge community. Also, it has many benefits, with one being a way to reach the youth.

Co-founder Kevin with Tykeem Williams (Tak) and basketball player Rasheed Wallace, Verve's largest investor.

Here's Lamar Odom, former NBA basketball player, riding one of our scooters.