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Invest in Ramshackle

What are those crazy local car salesmen doing when the cameras are off?

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Help us tell an original story of a world rarely explored on film, set within a used car dealership.
There are only 9 films ever made with a focus on car dealerships and the people that work at them.
Spread awareness about wrongful imprisonment and its impact on society.
Multiple award-winning team comprised of unique voices with over 30 years of collective experience.
Part of a popular and proven successful genre of crime comedy.
Accepted for fiscal sponsorship through The Gotham (formally IFP).
Just look at that badass poster. You're telling me you wouldn't rent that at Blockbuster Video?

Our Team

This film explores themes of wrongful imprisonment and addiction, all while exposing a world that holds great mystery to us: the used car dealership and the people that work at them. Our unique voice and vision will captivate viewers with a relatable story of second chances and utter betrayal that will tickle everyone’s dark fantasies of revenge.

Here's The Gist:


After being released from prison for vehicular manslaughter, an ex-con seeks revenge on the used car tycoon who sold him the faulty ride.

Let's Skip The Small Talk:

The members of Last Straw Films are fully aware you could easily put your money towards films about cute talking farm animals or yuletide Christmas romps for a safer return on investment. But if you’re investing in film to begin with, you're either a thrill-seeker looking for the next rush or you just appreciate the power of cinema. “Film investment” and “safe” go together about as well as mayonnaise and Belgian waffles. Otherwise, you’d be investing in more surefire industries like technology or Dogecoin. We believe that you want something more than just a return on your investment. You want to be a part of something special. This isn’t some empty, cheap pitch trying to sell you a used car like our lead antagonist, Frank Scagnelli, does in Ramshackle. This is us sitting down talking together in your living room. Don’t worry, we took our shoes off before we walked onto the carpet, which is beautiful by the way. Is that Alpaca?

The Story:

Snatch, In Bruges, Fargo, Buffalo 66, and Ramshackle. These are all dark crime films with even darker senses of humor. However, Ramshackle is not a world that only exists for criminals and gangsters. This film is filled to the brim with real people battling abnormally difficult situations that could befall anyone. It is difficult to imagine a more terrifying and dehumanizing experience than to be in prison for a crime you did NOT commit. How do you come back from losing four years of your life due to someone else’s negligence? How do you clear your name, regain respect, and get a second chance at life? Ramshackle is a chaotic, brutal, shocking, charming, and hilarious journey of revenge and self-reflection for main character, Evan Kingsley. With its larger-than-life characters, quotable, razor-sharp dialogue, and unique setting in Upstate New York, Ramshackle is as fresh as they come and doesn’t pull any punches in entertaining its audience.

Ramshackle Locations: Sussex County, New Jersey


Deep in the heart of Upstate New York, Evan Kingsley is released from prison. After serving a 4-year sentence for vehicular manslaughter, all he wants is to restart his life and put his past behind him. The problem is: no one believes him when he says he was wrongfully convicted, and the accident that sent him to prison was the fault of used car tycoon and beloved town folk hero, Frank Scagnelli, who knowingly sold him a faulty car.

As he tries to piece his life back together, Evan is met with anger and resentment at every turn. His ex-wife Kim and her new dentist husband Barry won't allow him to see his young daughter Lily. Even worse, Evan is being haunted by Frank Scagnelli through his over-the-top car commercials that seem as if they play on a loop wherever he goes.

When Evan is embarrassed by Frank in front of the entire town and is told he will never be allowed to see his daughter Lily again, Evan’s rage boils over. He is no longer interested in laying low and piecing his life back together. He’s going to kill Frank Scagnelli. When Evan’s attempt at Frank’s life fails, a cat-and-mouse game begins that can only end in violence and bloodshed. Evan must learn to deal with the trauma of his past, while protecting the people he cares about most.

Ramshackle Mood Board

The Time Is Now:

If the pandemic has proved anything to us, the world relies on media and entertainment to survive. Watching your shows and movies became so much more than just passing the time. It became everyone’s only escape from reality. This spotlight has made society realize the importance of fresh ideas. The growth of streaming platforms and the proven success of theatrical/VOD releases is a game changer. Now, more than ever, is the time to be involved with independent film. 

Distribution Strategy:

The motion picture industry is highly competitive with a significant portion of a film's success relating to the skills of its marketing strategy. Last Straw Films LLC intends to capitalize on various theatrical and VOD distribution channels, including submitting the film to the most prestigious and successful annual film festivals. We will use our best efforts to negotiate with a distributor and/or aggregator once principal photography is complete. This strategy will maximize our bargaining power and increase the potential profit the film may earn.

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Investment Opportunity:

Last Straw Films is seeking $150,000 through a combination of grants and monies from venture capitalists and private investors to fund Ramshackle. We are confident we will create a motion picture the audience will enjoy, thereby reaping the financial rewards of doing the same. However, we cannot guarantee the film will be profitable, or even earn back its budget. Regardless, we will stand behind its commitment to secure and execute the most profitable distribution deals and methods possible.


Minimum Production Budget: $150,000

Return On Investment: 100% plus 20% interest after cost of production and distribution fees, 50/50 split of producer's net profits.