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Invest in Beno, Inc.

Pioneering the next generation of electric bicycles


$5.5M+ in orders in just 9 months
$7M+ orders committed by distributors for Q1 / Q2 2022
Featured in Yahoo, Uncrate, Designboom, Gizmodo, and many, many more
10 patents pending
Positioned at the forefront of innovation in the $40B e-bike market
Skyrocketing e-bike sales worldwide
Pipeline includes new product lines and aggressive global expansion
Bikes shipping soon in November 2021

Our Team

E-bikes have stagnated in terms of design, technology, and features. We're here to change that.

Why Beno?

The e-bike market is one of tremendous opportunity and growth. E-bikes are emerging as an appealing transportation mode as they offer the convenience of a bicycle, paired with a sweat-free commute.

With bikes already outselling cars two-to-one, global trends are further pushing the adoption of e-bikes as a clean, alternative mode of transportation. The global e-bike market is expected to grow explosively over the next 5 years.

If just 15% of urban transportation miles were travelled by e-bikes, we could cut carbon emissions by 12%. The future of mobility is clearly electric.

Closer to home, the "E-BIKE" Act was introduced in the U.S. Senate in July 2021. The legislation aims to get more people out of cars, and onto e-bikes by offering tax credits worth up to 30% off.

Institutional investors know this, and are betting big on e-bikes.

At Beno, our mission is to build desirable electric mobility solutions by combining beautiful aesthetics with innovative technology.

Most e-bikes today look and feel the same, with little to differentiate their appearance from traditional bicycles. We believe that the bikes of the future have to look like the bikes of the future.

Theft is also a major concern. The most common solution today is the good old bicycle chain and lock - but these are often bulky, heavy, require a “chainable” parking spot, and are often easy to tamper with.

E-bikes today are also lacking in many essential features that we take for granted in cars and motorcycles. For example, users are often required to purchase 3rd party accessories to enable basic functions - leading to a fragmented and inconvenient user experience.

It’s time for the next generation of e-bikes.

Enter Reevo — the world's first hubless e-bike, unlike anything else on the market today. We designed Reevo to be a uniquely futuristic e-bike that’s aesthetically captivating and fully integrated with cutting-edge technology for a truly next-level biking experience.

Our hubless wheel design is truly a feat of engineering that gives Reevo it’s distinctive look. Sleek bodylines accentuate the bike’s futuristic design - resulting in a stunning ride that is sure to turn heads and corners with ease.

Reevo also comes jam-packed with many innovative features that we’ve developed and patented.

A triple-barrier security system secures the bike with biometric access, electronic locking, and GPS tracking with theft detection.

Features such as integrated signal lights, LED headlamps, automatic night detection, and a detachable battery further elevate the biking experience.

All this in a powerful package with an adaptive pedal assist system to make every ride a breeze.

More information about Reevo can be found on our Indiegogo campaign page.

But that’s not all. We’re also positioning Reevo competitively to disrupt the premium e-bike market.

And that’s only the beginning! Work has already started on expanding into new product lines by leveraging on our core technologies.

The proof is in the demand: we’ve raised over $5.5M in pre-orders on Indiegogo within 9 months, and exceeded our funding goal by 200% in just 15 minutes.

We’ve also been making big waves. With 2m+ campaign page visits and 8m+ engagements on social media, we’ve built a strong brand presence as an innovator in the e-bike space, which we’ll be leveraging for future products.

And the media attention certainly doesn’t hurt.

Oh, and we also did a collaboration with THE luxury brand, Balenciaga.

We are also building a strong network of regional distributors to scale quickly and effectively.

So far, over 3,000 bikes ($7M+) in orders have been committed by our distributors for Q1 / Q2 2022.

At the incredible rate we’ve been growing, our projected first-year revenue is $7.3M, growing to $30M within 2 years.

*Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our goal is to grow - fast. With delivery starting mid-November 2021, our attention will be focused on growth and expansion. 

Check out some pictures from our pilot production run at our test and manufacturing facility.

Over the next two years, we’ll launch new product ranges, solidify existing plans with worldwide brick-and-mortar distributors, and address additional e-bike market segments.

Besides that, we also plan on adding recurring revenue through the launch of a battery subscription service for our range of electric vehicles.

We will also expand our R&D team to venture into the rapidly growing electric motorcycle market by leveraging our patented core technologies.

By investing now, you secure your stake in Beno ahead of these market-changing developments - while helping us to expand fast towards global niche domination.

Funds raised will be used to solidify our position as the dominant manufacturer in this niche, expand our global footprint, and invest in R&D.

We’re crafting the most innovative, technologically advanced, secure and unique e-bikes in the world. We’ve proven demand, and we know this is an incredible investment opportunity.

We also know we’re the right team for the job, but we need you along for the ride to make it a reality.

We cannot guarantee a return on your investment, but we can guarantee you that we have a big dream, and a bigger plan to grow our company to an IPO and beyond.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor with our first ever funding round.

Join us, invest in your future, and watch your investment grow as we do!